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Having grown up in the Scottish Highlands, The Summer Isles are deeply rooted in Mairearad’s composition. As a result, Mairearad has produced a beautiful new solo album, Summer Isles, a seamless and exciting progression from her previous work.

2014 saw Mairearad spend many weeks researching stories from the islands; as she located publications and poetry to help set the direction for Summer Isles. The album is an exquisite collection of acoustic, folk and cinematic vignettes that create an overwhelming listening experience. Each track tells a story of the islands’ history, embracing a contrasting emotion from track to track.

Creative_Scotland_bw960Mairearad (piano, accordion, bag pipes, vocals) is joined by a number of guest musicians including Hector McInnes (vocals), Ross Saunders (bassist), Scott MacKay (drums), Jo Nicolson (clarinet), Pat McGarvey (banjo), Mike Vass (fiddle), and Annie Grace, Jeana Leslie and Hamish Napier (backing vocals). Combining each musicians’ stylistic background, producer Iain Hutchinson has created a refined and inventive sound that faultlessly captures Mairearad’s vision.

This album was made possible with support from Creative Scotland.


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A day a Month – Mairearad Green & Mike Vass

A few years ago, Mike Vass and Mairearad Green decided to meet one day a month to write and play music together. Although, given their busy schedules they didn’t always make every month, this was the start of “A Day A Month” collaborations. Now they have an album together!

Mike and Mairearad have been friends for a long time and have played music together in various combinations over the years. Both musicians are well known composers in The Scottish Traditional Music scene, however this album includes only Traditional melodies and not any of their own compositions. The music was sourced from books such as The Gesto Collection of Highland Music, The Athole and Highland Collections and The Moidart Collection. The pair recorded the album in a small croft house in Mairearad’s home village of Achnahaird.

Released 7th September 2017. Available on Bandcamp.





Island Folk – Niteworks Remix

Island Folk is the opening track on my Summer Isles album and here is a remix of the track by the band Niteworks from the Isle of Skye. For more information on Niteworks visit

Maggie West EP

A lot of folk ask about the tune I wrote for my Grandmother, ‘Maggie West’s Waltz’, so I have been meaning to record it as a single for a long time.  It was a real pleasure to get my talented cousin, Rachel Newton and my sister, Eilean Green on the recording specially for Granny’s tune. I recorded the EP in my flat with some expert help from Mike Vass.

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Passing Places

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Mairearad’s New Voices Commission for Celtic Connections 2009, recorded live at the festival. A creative musical journey synced perfectly to stunning visuals of Mairearad’s hometown of Achiltibuie in Wester Ross.

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Sheet music for the Passing Places commission, along with some tunes that have never been played before and others from previous recordings with The Anna Massie Band and Box Club.

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Passing Places bundle…


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