The Making of my Summer Isles Album #1

Ever since the release of Passing Places in 2009 I have been talking about recording another solo album! Writing an entire album and have it performed by a band of my choice was one of the most rewarding projects I have ever done and it is long over due to be doing it again! In July 2014, one week before the Creative Scotland Quality Production funding deadline I got a real surge of inspiration and decided it had to be done. It was an intense week writing the application and many thanks to Mike Vass and Simon Thoumire for their advice. I worked really hard on the form and I am delighted to say that I was awarded some money towards the cost of the project! There is no way I could be doing this project without that financial help.

The album is inspired by the Summer Isles and I started the writing process in December. I will continue to blog on the process of writing, researching and recording the album so keep checking back for developments.IMGP2897


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