Celtic Connections

Well that was by far the best Celtic Connections I have ever been involved in. Tune Book Trio was my first gig with Ross Ainslie, Simon Bradley, Mhairi Hall and Matheu Watson. Ross and Simon really can write a decent tune and I was lucky enough to play my tunes with them with expert backing from Mhairi and Matheu.  I then had to switch to my song head very quickly for a gig the next day with the fantastic Mackenzie sisters. I don’t like to keep it a secret that we are distantly related! I finished up the festival on an absolute high with the Poozie big band with Su-a Lee and Signy Jacobsdottir at St Andrew’s in the Square. I hope we can record this line up soon. My favourite gig to listen to was Sorren Maclean’s new voices last Sunday, the arrangements and the vocal harmonies were stunning. During the off peak festival hours I had the pleasure of having lots of tunes, really inspiring sessions with fantastic accordionists Luke Daniels and Billy Peace. When you live in Glasgow it would be all too easy to go to all these amazing gigs, clubs and tunes right on your door step. I felt bad I couldn’t go to everything, but what I did go and see reminded me that music is very much alive and supported. Thanks to Celtic Connections for putting on such a fantastic festival and to everyone that went to gigs. I’m away to practice!

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