25-28 MAY – Recording clarinet and Mixing

I was delighted that clarinetist, Jo Nicolson who I’ve played with a lot in Matilda Brown’s ensemble, was able to come and record clarinet on Red Throated Diver and also on Stone and Struggle. I absolutely love the sound of the clarinet with the accordion and I hope we can do more of this combination in the future.
JO clarinet
This same week we finished mixing 7 tracks but I still hadn’t booked a vocalist for Star of Hope!

20th- 22nd July
With a few weeks to listen and check mixes I did eventually pluck up the courage to ask one of my favourite singers of all time, King Creosote, to sing Star of Hope on the album. I am chuffed to bits that he liked the song and was up for coming in to record it. As well as an incredible, characterful voice, he is such a nice person and of course a fellow accordionist. His voice is perfect for the song, it has been taken to a new level entirely and I am now starting to get really excited about the album!

We finished mixing all 10 tracks on the Wednesday that week and sent them to Brad Blackwood at to master the album. Here is the track order I decided on 1.Island Folk, 2. Star of Hope, 3. Island Folk, 4. A Tanera Talisman, 5. Red Throated Diver, 6. Grace Darling, 7. Blessing on Tanera, 8. Seancaidh, 9. Stone and Struggle, 10. Home

Thanks for reading my blog. Next blog on the album artwork, promotion, and special Summer Isles stamp issue.

This album was made possible with support from Creative Scotland. Creative_Scotland_bw960

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