Myself and Anna started recording ‘Best Day’ (Can’t quite believe it but our third album!) in January 2015 and we are delighted to have it for sale on our UK tour this November.

We recorded it at Gran’s House Studio in Lamington in the peaceful and picturesque Scottish Borders with fellow accordionist and amazing engineer, Angus Lyon. Our third album and our third return to Gran’s House – we do love it there.  Remaining true to our live sound, the album is performed entirely by ourselves and a new feature is that this album includes songs.

The album also includes many of my compositions, Bottle Island, Julia & Simon’s, Peter and Jaclyn’s Wedding and The Red Poppy Reel, and for the first time ever, a tune written together, ‘A Lovely Bottle of Botanist’. It would not be a duo album without a pipes and banjo set on three lively Reels, and on the perhaps more emotional end of the album scale, Anna sings a beautiful take on ‘She Loves Me, (When I Try)’ by Dougie Maclean.

The cheerful title ‘Best Day’ comes from one of the fiddle sets on the album including Aidan O’Rourkes tune ‘Best Day of my Life’.

‘Best Day’ will be available to buy exclusively on our UK tour before the launch on November 16, 2015 but you can also buy limited signed pre-orders here!

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